MAERSK and IFCBAA work to re-open empty container dehires - (IFCBAA NNF 2020/250)

IFCBAA welcomes confirmation from Maersk of the re-opening of unrestricted dehires of 40’ GP and 40' HC empty containers, to Maersk nominated ECPs within the Port Botany precinct.

Thank you to My Therese Blank, Head of Oceania for Maersk for working with IFCBAA earlier this week in understanding and acting on IFCBAA provided examples of where excessive time periods had elapsed for empty container nomination of ECPs and dehire dates, within Container Chain.

IFCBAA understands that Maersk’s Sydney based stock levels of empty containers have now reduced by approx. 30% from that of the peak COVID levels.

Add to that the efforts of the other major shipping lines in reducing their empty container stocks and this now places the Port Botany based ECPs in a much better position to immediately start receiving empty container dehires at more acceptable levels.

IFCBAA will continue to remain open to assess Member examples where excessive time periods are incurred waiting for empty container ECP dehire nominations and dates, and for other significant issues relating to information surrounding empty container dehires.

Such issues will be continue to be raised directly with senior executives of the relevant shipping lines.

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