WA CPD Forum

On Saturday 21st November WA held our first face-to-face CPD event capping off what has been an unusual year for all our members and providing those who attended, with 12 CPD points for a half day event.

Choosing a new venue, International on Swan located near the Airport, was a central location for all our members and offered our members free parking which has always been a bone of contention with city locations in the past.

We appreciate all our members who attended and given the shortened format, we will be looking at a similar style of CPD in 2021. We would like your feedback and what is it that you, our members, would like in future events and we look forward to 2021 getting back to normal. 

We’d like to thank our speakers, Kath Forward ABF – Borderwatch, Kevin Beattie, Alan Kobayashi-Dunn ABF and Ian Ladner DAWE for their time and informative sessions.

As this was our last event for 2020, Phil and myself would like to take this opportunity to wish our WA members a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Nicole Couper - State Director, WA
Phil Gray - Regional Manager, WA