Introducing a new national LCL Cargo Availability Search  - (WIN 2020/031)

Inbound is pleased to introduce the National LCL Cargo Availability Search. This is a new, free of charge service that enables you to check whether a particular container has been unpacked and made available at any unpack depot, Australia-wide by simply typing the container number into a single website (  - just click the yellow 'LCL Availability' button and type your container number).

This will allow anyone who needs up-to-date LCL Cargo Availability information to get it all in one place simply and easily and will avoid users having to go to a different website for each unpack depot as has been the case in the past. We don't believe that anyone has attempted to do this before, so we are happy to take any suggestions or comments from users on how it could be improved in any way.

Inbound has developed this new service as part of its mission to make the LCL Cargo process more efficient. We hope it makes life easier for you and your clients.

Refer to this Fact Sheet  for more information on how to save some time and effort when searching for LCL Cargo Availabilities.

If you have any questions, please contact Inbound Support on 1300 803 873 or email 

IFCBAA commentary

IFCBAA is not endorsing this new system as the information is forwarded for your interest only and to determine system usability, accuracy and efficiency for your business.