Your CPD options via IFCBAA

At the IFCBAA we believe you should have the opportunity to decide what method you use to attain your 30 CPD points each CPD year. 

Whether you prefer to attend live online webinars, watch recordings of pre-recorded webinars or attend live venue events, it's totally up to you as we offer the full range of modes from which you can select.  Below are the key CPD options offered by the IFCBAA which will ensure you will be fully covered each and every CPD year.

The 2024 National Conference and the Regional CPD Forums are now up and available for registrations! 

There are two Streams in the CPD Scheme:

  • Stream A - this will provide CPD against what could be described as the core aspects of the role of a licensed customs broker including valuation, classification , origin, etc. You can attain ALL of your 30 annual CPD points through this Stream

  • Stream B - this Stream provides for those non-core aspects of your role in which you engage with clients on areas of supply chain management, or where you might look to undertake some kind of personal development training relating to your role. It is also provides for sessions on obligations, risks and ethics for licensed customs brokers. You can attain UP TO 12 of your 30 annual CPD points through this Stream


Live or pre-recorded online webinars

As a member, you will have access to the full range of online webinars offered by the IFCBAA.

These sessions are typically scheduled at 1200 hours (AEST) on weekdays so that you can catch up on the latest CPD event as a live and interactive session during your lunchtime. If you miss the session you can always watch the recording later at a  time that suits you.

Each event typically provides for 3 CPD points and IFCBAA plans to offer a number of these events each CPD year.

All online CPD webinars are conducted via IFCBAA's online college website, the International Trade and Logistics College (ITALC). This is where you will be able to login and:

  • participate in live webinars
  • watch pre-recorded webinars
  • download the presentations for the sessions in PDF format (handy to keep as a resource in your office)
  • complete your CPD assessment to gain your CPD points
You will require separate login details for the College website which are provided to you on registration for the CBFCA's Accredited CPD Program.   Access to the Program is free to CBFCA members or can be purchased separately to membership if required.  To purchase an annual access to the CBFCA's Accredited CPD Program just email Simmone and she will arrange this for you. If you are already a member of CBFCA, just email us and we will arrange for your access to the CBFCA's Accredited CPD Program.
You will require separate login details for the College website which are provided to you on registration for the CBFCA's Accredited CPD Program.  Access to the Program is FREE to CBFCA members. To receive your access to the CBFCA's Accredited CPD Program just email us and we will arrange this for you.

Live (face-to-face) Regional CPD events

We are happy to recommence our live Regional CPD events

If you prefer to attend a live venue event the IFCBAA provides a series of these each CPD year. You can choose from:

  • Regional Conventions - these are one day (8 hour) events that cover a range of topics and usually include addresses from regulators as well as industry experts. These events are expected to provide you up to 24 CPD points and there will be one of these scheduled each calendar year in each State
  • Regional member forums - these are member only events provided as short sessions (1-2 hours) which provided timely information on areas of key relevance for your daily practice as a licensed customs broker. Each one of these events is expected to provide between 6 and 12 CPD points.

IFCBAA's National Conference

The IFCBAA National Conference is held each year in May.

This is a yearly event and is the showpiece event for the IFCBAA attracting a range of high calibre speakers, both from Australia and international, subject matters experts as well as the heads of Government departments and other key decision makers in industry. 

The National Conference is a two-day event and also includes a range of social events such as Welcome Cocktail Function and Industry Gala Dinner and awards presentation. This event typically provides 15 - 20 CPD points
Whatever mode you use to attain your CPD points, the IFCBAA has your 30 points covered - and plenty more besides!

If you have any questions about the IFCBAA's CPD Program don't hesitate to ask us either via email or you can phone us on (07) 3256 0146