OAG Flight Guide Worldwide

OAG Flight Guide Worldwide
The essential Global Flight Reference Guide
With OAG Flight Guide, you can spend less time planning for travel and more time getting the job done. Updated monthly, OAG Flight Guide lists all worldwide scheduled flights, flight routings, transfer times, and a host of essential travel planning information for the discerning travel arranger. Access worldwide direct and connecting flight schedules This essential flight schedule reference book contains over 500,000 direct and connecting flights presented in an easy to read “From/To” format. If you prefer to access your flight information in a print format then this book offers everything you could possibly need to plan trips.

Worldwide flight schedules
“Low Cost” carriers
Airline code share carriers
State codes
Build your own connections
Flight routings
Airline codes
Minimum connecting times
Airline Code numbers
Aircraft codes - decoding

OAG Flight Guide is the professional’s tool when it comes to totally understanding flight schedules. It contains a host of supplementary informa tion that supports a flight listing. With this knowledge you can be confident that you are truly providing your traveler with the best planning service. For the best global flight planning option in print—choose OAG Flight Guide.

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